About Us

We were owners of our own cleaning business for about five years. We began the business ourselves, nurtured and grew it into a full time flourishing concern.   We did this in a community of only 30,000 people in regional Australia. It took us about five years of hard work to get to that level but we were proud of ourselves.

We had a reputation for doing a very good job for our clients. In fact we were considered brilliant cleaners and were much sought after by real estate agents and other professional organisations, holiday house owners and everyday people. We never said no to a client.

We have stories to tell, adventures to dine out on, like the Great Garbage Run of New Year’s Day, and the dead fish story, and we met some wonderful people who became our good friends.  It was a full-on adventure there is no doubt and we were very successful.

After five years we had had enough of being on call. We decided to sell up and move on. It took several months but we finally found a buyer, and handed over all our clients and the van, our home away from home in exchange for a lump sum of money which was a bonus for all our hard work.

We have been so broke in our lives that we have had to borrow money so we could eat. We want to show anyone who wants to know how to go from having nothing and being broke to owning a successful business in just a short while.

And we still have the industry knowledge which we really want to pass on to people like you who want to do the same. There is no reason to be broke ever again!

And it is a rewarding way to create a job for yourself, to change your working life, be your own boss and organise yourself around the things you really want to do in your life.

That’s what this book is all about.

We know about cleaning. We set up our own cleaning business out of necessity. We had just moved to a new area and found ourselves out of work and with a mortgage to pay. What could we do?

We had lots of skills from the corporate arena but they weren’t much use in a regional community of just 30,000 people. We had moved to the coast looking for a better life and it was disappearing a much as we tried to grab it.

I am not sure who thought of it first but once we had realised that we had to do something different, cleaning seemed like a good option with our limited skills. I mean really, how hard could it be to vacuum and do the toilets for people??

Then the questions began. Do we buy a franchise? What do we call ourselves? What equipment do we need? How do we act professionally? How do we get clients? What if it doesn’t work?

Somehow we did it. We got our name, business cards, started out with one or two clients, got a reputation, and then learned on the job.

Learned how to quote, how to do a professional job efficiently and with the least effort. We learned what works and what was not a good idea.

We met some wonderful people, (and of course the not so wonderful, but that’s ok) we had adventures, and fairly quickly earned our living from doing it.

Eventually we were earning a good living in a community of just 30,000 people. We had a great reputation for doing a first class job, and we were beginning to turn away work. That’s a success wouldn’t you say?