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I want to tell you about our new eBook

Build A Cleaning Business

If you don’t have much cash but you have plenty of time


If you want to be your own boss finally and get out from under someone else’s idea of

how you should spend your days,


If you just want to make a bit of extra cash while the kids are at school


If you are between jobs and don’t know what to do with yourself

Then You Need This Book

In our book Build A Cleaning Business we share with you our industry knowledge, our secrets and working methods, the same ones we employed every day on the job.

This book will tell you what you need to know and give you guidelines to follow.

Here is an outline of what we have put in this book for you.

  • start yourself off in your own business,
  • why this is such a great opportunity

  • how to advertise and market
  • we’ll show you a simple easy way to get good clients
  • how to do a professional job
  • these are the time-tested ways to get the job done easily without strain
  • what equipment to buy and why
  • good equipment is crucial to doing a good job
  • charging and quoting for your services
  • do you realise how valuable your services are? You won’t until we show you…
  • dealing with clients
  • a client can be your best friend or a nightmare. Learn how to keep them for life
  • and how to build your asset so you can sell it when you are done
  • you are not just working in your own business,

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Good cleaners are always in demand.


Because good ones are hard to find!

A lot of people are very particular about how they want their house to look, and

who they let in the front door, especially if they are not at home!

If you read this book and implement what it contains you could find yourself really busy.

It may not happen straight away but it really could happen to you.

This is not a get rich quick scheme! Real rewards come from real, sustained effort.

But those rewards are so satisfying! You can see the fruit of your efforts. You just have to start and then keep going.

You can make this job as big or as small as you want. It is very flexible.

If you are a stay-at-home parent you can take the kids to school, clean two houses,

and still be back in time to pick the kids up from school.

And if you only want to do it in your spare time or a few days a week that is absolutely possible too…

What we are all about here is giving you an opportunity to work for yourself

at whatever pace you want to.

It is all up to you.

We know cleaning. We ran our own business for five years. We worked very hard to make it a success and

then we sold it and went to do something else

You can do that too.

Try it and find out. It doesn’t need to be forever

This book is all about how to do it. We show you what you need to know.

We will pass on our hard-won secrets to you…

How to do it the easy way…

It’s not dirty or messy if you follow our system

The real secret to quoting…

No-one will tell you this one because they don’t know it and it will help put money in your pocket

What it will cost to get started …

and how to budget. We show you different budgets to get you going

How to put up your prices…

and you will want to do this once you get a good reputation

And the absolute best marketing idea we ever had…

so simple you’ll kick yourself. Seriously, it’s simple but effective.

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Don’t  be locked into a franchise

Follow this process and create your own business

and have your own freedom!

We take you step by step through the unfamiliar parts of building your business up.

With our system, we have laid it out for you, from the basics of setting up to selling it on at the end if you want to. We ourselves have done it all and we have written this book passing on our knowledge to you.

Spend a definite budget to buy some equipment and some ads and you can start.

It’s like Ikea. It’s cheaper because you put it together yourself, but you do it yourself

  • In your own time,
  • At your own speed,
  • In your own way and
  • You own it all.

Just learn the basics and you are off. You can increase your knowledge as you go.

It just takes one client and we show you how to get them.

And keep them!

Build A Cleaning Business

is only available as an eBook.

It costs $39.97 USD and you can have it in just a few minutes.

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What does this book have in it??

Here is a list of the Contents from inside the Book itself

  • Setting Yourself Up In Business
  • Equipment
  • Charging For Your Time And Services
  • How To Clean A House
  • Running Your Business
  • Selling Your Business

Not only do we offer you our book, we want you to be sure you know what you are doing.

So we have included videos on specific topics to show you the way to go about:

Cleaning a toilet

Cleaning a shower screen

Doing windows.

And as a second lot of bonuses we have included a series of ads for you to use in the paper to get clients to call you up.

And a flyer for a letter box drop to tell people you are in their neighbourhood!

And as an extra bonus there’s a quoting checklist to download.

Use it when you go through a house for the first time to note anything special

(and also the names of the kids and the pets)

That’s a great lot of bonuses for you all in the one package.

100% Money Back Guarantee

Don’t forget! If you are not satisfied in any way with this product, with any of the bonuses, with any of our claims, you can claim a full refund from us


You get to keep the book anyway to say thank you!

You can’t get fairer than that

We should make it clear that while we were earning this money in our business, it does not necessarily mean that you will, even if you follow our system. This is because the success of the business is entirely dependant on your own efforts, your own desires, and your own mindset.

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