There Are Clients And Then There Are Clients

There Are Clients And Then There Are Clients

Dealing with clients is an art. Some people write books and spend their professional lives learning and teaching how to deal with other people on whom their businesses and lives depend. And running your own cleaning business is a university of people study.

This is the first in a series of articles I want to write to tell you how you can effectively engage with people.

In retail and service industries there is a motto which you will undoubtedly know: “The customer is always right!” This is always correct. There is never a time when the customer is wrong. To make a customer wrong is to lose not only that customer but also to start a rumour about you and your service. Because that customer will tell their friends and they will tell their friends etc. Rumours spread like wildfire and are out of your control.

Don’t give them a chance to even start.

After all you are there to serve your clients and offer good service, not to tell them where they went wrong or should have done instead. Do not ever make them wrong! That is the worst thing you can do, not particularly for the customer but for your business!

But we all know that the customer can be a complete nightmare, unreasonable, difficult, arrogant, mean, rude, beyond tolerable! There are always one or two of those in any business. But even then do not ever make them wrong! They want you to be there to help them, and believe it or not, they need you. Their way is mean, rude and intolerable. That is just them.

The way through with these really difficult people is to adjust your own attitude. Respect them as people. Appreciate them as someone who is just difficult and if possible try to see their better points.

You can absolutely guarantee that what you think of them is the same as they think of you. Once you are able to get through the really difficult time with them and start to realise that however impossible they behave, they are people too just like you, the sooner you will get to a good place with them. And when you get there they will send you more business – yes, possibly more difficult people to deal with but people who are on your side before you even begin because with that sort of recommendation you must be incredible!

There will however be some clients whom you are not able to get along with for any reason!. There is such a personality clash it is just not possible. And so instead of reading you a lesson on other people mirroring your darker side, I am going to suggest that it is better to walk away from that relationship than to run the risk of a bad report from someone.

We have had it in our business – impossible people who have no right to treat you that way, so self-important that no one can deal with them. It’s ok, you can walk away with a polite smile. Do not make them wrong!

If they are that difficult, chances are that their bad report is going to make you look good. You are allowed minor character flaws!

Of course, the nice clients are far more numerous, and a pleasure to deal with. They will love you because of the person you are and because of the people they are. Enjoy them!