Create Your Own Job

Unemployed or underemployed Vs. Self employed…Which do you prefer?

According to statistics there will be an average of six unemployed people for each available job due to the recession. But who is considered unemployed? A person who cannot enter any enterprise or create a job is considered unemployed.  They are the people who are not working but want to work, are capable of working, available to work and have actively looked for work. Who are the underemployed?  This is a person who is gainfully employed but working in a job very much inferior from their potential and competence.  A classic example would be an engineer working as a waiter. Or alternatively someone may want to work full-time but only be able to work part time due to job availability.

Both the unemployed and the underemployed have a high risk of being in debt. An inability to repay debt may lead to a loss of the family home and other valuable belongings, this is all because individuals are not able to earn enough to meet their financial obligations. Due to the unstable economy that we have experienced over the past couple of years and that we continue to experience, a lot of people have found themselves with no job or in an underpaying job, with a lot of debt that they are struggling to repay.  There are however some alternatives that people can look into to avoid the unemployed and underemployed problems.

One option for the unemployed and the underemployed would be self-employment by starting your own business. You can explore fields or areas of commercial enterprise that you are familiar with and learn how to start a business. Of course you have to work hard to achieve credibility and overcome inexperience, but in the end this will prove more satisfying and lucrative than looking for a job or being underpaid in a job.

Starting a business might seem to be a tremendous feat in the beginning but if you are determined enough it can be done. There are many business opportunities that have a lot of potential to be successful and do not require a large initial investment. For example, starting your own cleaning business, will provide you with a better income while giving you the flexibility and freedom associated with being your own boss.

The cleaning industry is one business that is worth looking into. This is a low technology business that does not require big capital investment but with a potential to generate income quickly. A cleaning business can be operated from home so no rent is necessary. It can also be done on a full-time or part-time basis. A cleaning business, allows the owner to select the clients they prefer to work with and the times that they want to operate. You may choose to operate the business on your own or to build a team that can assist you, if you build up a big clientele.

The road from unemployment and underemployment to becoming the owner of your own business is not hard.   A person only has to decide whether they continue to stand in the unemployment line or take the plunge towards entrepreneurship and greater financial freedom and success.