Make Your Work Suit Your Lifestyle

Fitting In Work Around Raising A Family

Or Your Creativity Schedule

It is the biggest paradox of these modern times that people work so hard to provide their families with the very best in life but in the process lose out on quality time with them. The motto has become “live to work” and not “work to live”.   Work gives people that feeling of fulfillment and competence.  It provides the challenge a person needs to prove themselves better than the others especially when they get a promotion, an increase in pay or even just a commendation. But in the process of proving themselves they work long hours and sometimes even on weekends, leaving them no time for their family and for creative activities that they once enjoyed.

Another inconsistency about work is that people work so hard to obtain the luxury’s of life such as a beautiful house, a luxury car, vacations overseas, but because they work so hard they do not have the time to take pleasure in the fruits of their labor.  But it is also a fact of life that people need to work to be able to support their family and enjoy some leisure time or even engage in some creative activities.  “Work can lift a person up but also makes an animal of them” is an Italian proverb that we need to bear in mind if we want to be able to strike a balance between work, family and leisure.

How does a person strike that balance between work, family and leisure?

As long as a person works within an organization or for a boss, their time is not their own. The drive to be recognized, the desire for promotion and pay increase and to be proven better than the next person is a relentless pursuit of any employee. The demands of the job and a boss are also factors that make it difficult for an employee to take control of their own time. Expectations to work overtime, or to travel even during weekends and holidays are orders that cannot be ignored if an employee wants to keep their job and have a steady source of income. To be able to raise a family and enjoy some creative activities during a person’s spare time, a steady source of income is required.

An alternative for those who want to strike that balance between work, family and leisure is to start a business of their own. If you are your own boss, you can manage your time better.  You can establish your own working hours. You can decide whether you want to work the whole day or only part of the day. You can take time off to attend your child’s sports training session or to go on a picnic with the family. A great business idea that anyone can conduct from their own home is a cleaning business. A cleaning business does not require a big capital investment, but it has the potential to generate income quickly. You have the option of performing the services yourself or you can build a cleaning team that you can manage.

There are a lot of options open for a person who wants to earn a living, spend quality time with their family and indulge in their creative activities or hobbies.  A cleaning business can provide you with flexibility while earning you a good steady source of income.