The Great Garbage Run of New Year’s Day

The Great Garbage Run of New Year’s Day

This is a story that is also referred to in the “About Us” section of our website on building a cleaning business. (See also our article on the Dead Fish Story here). While being a good tale it also has a point to it about delivering service to your customers and opening extra avenues of income.

Christmas time in Australia is hot. It is summer and the time for the main holidays of the year. In some places in Australia everything can shut down for the month of January. Schools take their long six week break for the year and everyone goes on holidays.

Everyone that is, except the cleaners because holiday time is rental cleaning time, our most lucrative time of the whole year.

Between 10am and 2pm on every Saturday between Christmas and the end of January, the whole tourist population in the seaside town we lived in would pack up and leave. The tourists would change over. And we had four hours to clean 40 properties and 65 for the whole day.

Does that sound impossible? It isn’t when you have five teams. It took a lot of planning but each team doing eight properties in 4 hours including travel time can be done. You just work very hard!

When everyone goes on holiday they leave behind their mess. But no one wants to live in a holiday flat smelling of the last people’s garbage. So we set up a unique service taking away people’s garbage for them. The owners paid a fee for our work, and so on the Sunday after the Saturday change over we would do the rounds of the flats and collect the garbage from the bin, replace the bag, and take the rubbish to the tip.

On this occasion the change over was on New Year’s Eve, and so the garbage collection took place on New Year’s Day. New Year’s Day this year was really hot. It was over 40C degrees. That’s about 105F. The two of us sat in our ute with the windows rolled up, air conditioning on full blast, touring around the picturesque coast with a tray full of really stinking garbage rapidly going off in the sun. We lived on ice cream and soft drink, had the radio up really loud. Strangely it was a really happy day.

Now to the point. Never underestimate what you can charge people for, and how much people will pay for someone else to deal with their dirt. There is an old saying  “Where there’s muck, there’s money!” and if you are able to provide a solution to people’s problems with dirt or anything unsavoury you can charge very well!If you are the boss of the cleaning business and have done your homework with clients there are avenues of income that can open up where there were none. That was the story of the Great Garbage Run of New Year’s Day.