How To Clean A Filthy Shower

How To Clean A Really Filthy Shower…

There are times in your own cleaning business when you will come across a house that is weighed down with neglect. And the worst rooms are usually the kitchen, and most often, the bathroom.

These wet areas are ripe for a build up of mould, soap scum and slime if they are not dealt with regularly. The worst of these is the shower. And if it is your job to clean it up here’s how you should do it.

Good cloths are essential for getting off the slime and grime. Your cloth needs to have a strong nap – it should have a good cutting power when you use it. That is the first requirement for doing this the easy way. And in your own cleaning business doing it the easy way is essential.

Secondly you will need some detergent to spray onto the dirty areas to start to dissolve the worst of the slime. And lastly you will need a blade scraper with a good handle.

Firstly spray all the shower walls and screens, taps and floor with the detergent. Once that is done, get to work with the blade scraper and scrape off the soap scum and grime. It is really important to keep glass wet when you are scraping it otherwise it can scratch. If it is wet you are safe to work it hard.

Do the same to the tiles on the wall as well as on the floor. The scum should come off easily. Rinse it all with a jug filled with water and see what is left and keep going until you are satisfied with the result.

While you have been doing that the detergent should have been doing its work on the taps and other areas. You should be able to wipe them off with the coarse cloth.

In all my experience I have never found a satisfactory way to get the mould off the silicon ribbons that seal off the wet areas. It seems like they get stained by the mould that grows on them. Bleach might do it but I don’t really like to use it.

There are other ways to do this job using stinky chemicals that go down the drain into the water system. Such chemicals should only be used as a last resort, such as when the mould is dangerous to breathe in, when it is too slippery to get into the shower. But these are extreme situations.

Chemicals are not as effective as mechanical methods because they rely on a chemical reaction first and then mechanical effort to clean it off. Detergent with a good cleaning cloth will leave the surface cleaner and brighter in the majority of instances and the mild detergent will clean off automatically in the rinsing process without the worry of getting the chemical on your skin or breathing in the vapours.

Try it this way and see how satisfying it is.