Dead Fish Story

People have been asking me about the Dead Fish Story. I mentioned it on the “About Us” page of the website and I have had people asking to tell them what happened. So here it is. It is not one of the more glamorous moments of having your own cleaning business but it is one of those stories that you laugh about afterwards. Aren’t they the best ones?

The story is that in a certain rental flat the tenant had walked out one day and never come back. But she had hired some of the furniture and in particular the fridge. But the owner of the fridge wanted it back. So he got the key from the agent, went in and took it away. But the tenant had left her food in there including a whole fish, which the fridge owner decided to put on the kitchen cupboard, told no one, and drove away.

The fish was there for two weeks!

Enter cleaning business owner. Now in fairness the agent’s husband had come and removed it the day before we went in but nonetheless…!

The fish had rotted so much that there was a complete outline in the laminex on the kitchen bench and the smell was… well, you can probably guess because I can’t describe it. Not only was the kitchen really foul but we needed the high pressure water gun to clean off the living room walls – covered in egg, and then get the shell off the carpet. The carpet was rotten too.

This job took us hours because we had to keep going outside to breathe but you know what we were? We were heroes! With that agency we were the best cleaners they had ever had because we supported them in the bad times. They didn’t think we would do it but we did. When you’re the boss of your own business you sometimes have to stump up and do the hard things.

They gave us so much work after that and referrals and while it was only a part of our overall business, it felt good to have that reputation and sense of community, especially in a small country town.

That’s the importance of being a professional. Having a cleaning business is sometimes a really dirty job, but you can get a sense of satisfaction in being professional and get the support for your business by supporting others when they need it. And you can get paid well for it. If you add it all up it is not a bad afternoon’s harvest.

Sometimes the worst jobs come out as the best jobs as long as it is done for the right people.